When you request a testimonial or review from your photography client


Our happy and satisfied clients can be our biggest evangelists and provide our most authentic and honest marketing language, so I love to ask them to describe the experience of working with us in their own words. Here’s how I do it!

When do you send this message?

We send this as soon as the album is delivered, so the client has both album and digital files in hand. We want to be sure they can comment on our customer service from beginning to end before we request a review or testimonial.

What does this message accomplish?

This request gathers new reviews for your website, while the client is fresh from their experience with you. Feedback of all kinds is helpful, and we value all of the reviews and testimonials we receive. It gives you an opportunity to learn how others would describe your studio to potential future clients. Learning their perception of your photography business is the single most valuable favor you can ask of your clients. If there’s negative feedback, you have the opportunity to learn from it. And if it’s positive, all the better, and you’ll have the chance to feature these words loud and proud, anywhere and everywhere on your website and marketing materials.

By asking questions, you help the client steer away from the “professional recommendation” kind of review and focus more on the details and the experience in their own authentic and earnest words, which will speak volumes to future clients.

Where should I have the client post their review?

I like to have it come in for my site first, so I can continually refresh the reviews on my website. Then, if I love what they wrote, I can ask them to post to my review site of choice. In addition, if you have a negative review posted online, several positive ones in the same site will help demonstrate that the negative review is the odd man out. You may have a favorite review site that you point them to, you’ll know what works for your photography business.

What does it say?

Subject: A request for you!

Hi YOU and YOU,

By now you have received all of your wedding images and your heirloom album. I hope you’ve enjoyed having me as your wedding photographer! It is important for all of us here at OUR STUDIO NAME to learn from your experiences, and we love to share with other potential clients what it’s like to work with us.

Would you be willing to answer five short questions for us to share with future clients? It helps potential clients when they see all the glowing words from other couples, like you, who can report they had a positive experience!

1. Did you have any concerns about wedding photography before you booked your wedding photographer? Was there anything about having your photo taken that made you anxious or concerned before the wedding?

2. How do you feel about the experience and investment now that your images are delivered and your album is complete?

3. What was your favorite part of working with OUR STUDIO and why? (If you really have more than one favorite part, it’s ok to list them–we most love hearing the specific details that you loved the most!)

4. Did any of your family or friends enjoy their interactions with us, and did they tell you what they liked about their client experience with us?

5. If you were to recommend our business to your maid of honor or best man for HER or HIS wedding, how would you describe the experience?

Thanks again, and I am so appreciative of your time and words on our behalf!



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