What to say right after the wedding or portrait session so that you never hear, “Are the photos ready yet?” again!


Raise your hand if you’ve had a client ask, “Are the photos ready yet?” Then, raise your hand if you’ve wanted to raise a glass of wine (or something stronger) in the other hand when you get that often frustrating message!

What to say right after the wedding or portrait session so that you never hear, "Are the photos ready yet?" again!

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Come a little closerI have a secret weapon that will make that question go away forever. Really.

Here’s the thing. Those dear clients of oursthey read your contract six, eight, 12 or 18 months ago when they booked you, but guess what they didn’t do right before they emailed you? Re-read their contract to help them recall when they would see their precious photos. They are counting on your to refresh their memories, instead.

Since we know they will almost re-read that contract on their own, I send a handy little reminder right after the wedding or the portrait session, just so they know that everything went well, I didn’t lose their photos in a freak downloading accident, everyone looks wonderful, I couldn’t be happier with them AND…the important part…THEIR IMAGES WILL BE READY ON THIS DATE.

Yes, I really tell them a date. My contract says I deliver in six to eight weeks for weddings, and 15 business days after a portrait session, so I look at my editing queue and give them a date, usually more ambitious than my stated delivery, if I know I can honor it. This way, there is no vague, eager messaging exactly six weeks after the wedding, when I really intended to use every minute of those eight weeks.


This message goes out right away after the wedding or portrait session (either that night when I’m downloading, or first thing the morning after the wedding or portrait session).


It assures the couple that everything went well, and that their images are safe and sound. It also notifies them that there is a preview posted on social media (so that they can use my images as their new profile photos on social media, instead of a friend’s grainy, dark cell phone photo!). But most importantly, this message serves to manage their expectations about what happens next and when the photos will arrive, since they will almost never remember what their contract said.

SUBJECT: Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs.! (or Mrs. and Mrs. or Mr. and Mr.) or for portrait sessions, I adapt it to say What a great session!


Hi YOU and YOU,

What a great day it was! I hope it was a truly wonderful day for you both. ALL of us at STUDIO NAME so enjoyed being a part of it.

While you bask in the glow of newly married life, I wanted to let you know what’s happening on our end in the coming weeks, so you know what to expect.

Your images are safely downloaded and backed up, and I’ve posted a few of my favorites online to tide you over, so you don’t think it was all just a wonderful dream. (LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT WITH THEIR SNEAK PEEK.)

We’ll begin the process of sorting and editing shortly, and will let you know as soon as they are ready to view! We have them all online for you six weeks after your wedding date, so you can plan on having them ready to view by DATE.*

Once they are online, PRODUCTION MANAGER will be in touch for your album consult, so that we can have your album in your hands as soon as possible.

That’s all for now. Let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy your trip to ROMANTIC TROPICAL LOCATION!

Happy love!


*Wedding photos go well with Champagne, I hear–having some chilled and ready to open on DATE is nearly always a good idea!

NOTE: You may want to go a step further and ship them a bottle of your favorite bubbly to have ready to open on PHOTO REVEAL DAY. The website www.wine.com is an excellent source for this client gift.

EXTRA NOTE: You may want to go a step further and send them, in this email, a FB cover photo in the proper size (851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall), or a profile photo cropped for FB or IG. You know your client best, what will make them happy, appreciative and most willing to share?

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