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Each week on Sites You Need, we scour the Internet and deliver a useful website to our Pencil & Lens readers! This week we’re talking about one of my favorite tools for photographers and other small-business owners who do their own writing. You might just find it handy for your creative business! Try out the genius that is WriteWords, a UK-based writing site with handy tools for writers and non-writers alike.

I ran my “Wedding Photographer’s Inbox Solution” through the Word Frequency Counter at WriteWords and here’s what I found: out of 76 pages and 26682 words, I used the word “sorry” just 12 times, but I used the word “wedding” 320 times and “photographer” 129 times. Here’s some of the other frequent offenders!

wedding 320

client 211

please 76

warmly 74

contract 68

love 41

happy 25

no 20

sorry 12

delighted 12

If you find that you’re using a word or two more frequently than you should, try running your blog post or other words through the Word Frequency Counter and see if your writing stands up to the test. (I’m actually surprised “no” was only 20 times!)

Then, after you check your words, take a peek at the Phrase Frequency Counter! While it doesn’t seem possible, I used the phrase “the wedding” 79 times, the phrase “this message” 74 times and “your business” 19 times.

(Pro tip–if you find yourself saying “I think” more than a few times, find another way to say it!)

Happy writing!

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