What to say to promote your new photo booth services to your wedding clients?


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What should I say to promote my new photo booth to my already booked wedding clients? And should I send a mass email or personalized email messages?

This question came up in a photography group online today, and the photographer asked how I would suggest wording a message to promote her new photo booth to her already booked clients. With the explosion of awesome photobooth technology, plus the fact that it’s almost standard for weddings these days, this photographer might not be the only one looking to maximize her booth by promoting it to exisisting clients.

What to say? I’d definitely make it personal, since you have knowledge about these clients and can market specifically to them. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated or time consuming, but think of a personal detail that you know about their family and remind them how a photo booth can serve them and how yours is unique and special. (If you don’t know that thing, take a few minutes and think about how you will make it unique and special.) And if you plan to offer a special price to your existing clients, all the better, you can promote that in the same message.


I hope you two are enjoying a great summer before your wedding next SEASON! I’m writing to share some exciting news here at YOUR STUDIO that might be of interest to you. We’ve invested in a SUPER AMAZING AND OTHER ADJECTIVES photobooth for our wedding clients. The really cool thing about this one is that it does AWESOME THING THAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHER PHOTO BOOTHS. (Shares to social media at the touch of a button, makes prints, makes two copies of prints–one for the subject and one for the host, is self-operated, does slow-mo video, comes with cool props themed to their wedding, comes with free downloads to all guests, comes with a candy jar of free candy for the guests, photobooth images are guaranteed to be on social media in 24 hours, you provide a book of all the images from the photo booth at just $XX more, etc.)

PERSONALIZED PARAGRAPH HERE ABOUT WHY IT IS IMPORTANT FOR THEIR EVENT: I thought of you two in particular, because with your big families coming from FAR AWAY LOCATION, you all might really love the opportunity to hop in the booth with those cousins–keeps the photos coming, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with guests who may not be out on the dance floor with you and it just keeps the fun moving along. Plus, your mom and her five siblings will have so much fun in the booth–maybe mom could bring a photo of them as kids and they can re-create it in the booth!

The best news of all is that I’m offering it for $XXX to my current clients (that’s you guys!), a savings of XX% over our regular photobooth rates. If you’re interested in including OUR AWESOME PHOTOBOOTH with your wedding coverage, I’d be delighted to add it to your final invoice. Let me know by DATE, and I’ll be sure to reserve the booth for your wedding.

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