What to say when your client wants to choose or approve your second shooter


Sometimes your wedding clients are extra curious about the second shooter you’ll bring to their wedding, and they express a desire to exert influence on your choice for their event.

While it’s a reasonable question to wonder who else will be at your wedding and capturing one of the most important and expensive days of your life, the decision must be yours alone, since it is a decision the client is rarely qualified to make. We all know the choice of second shooter has a great deal to do with your personalities working together and their experience. Here’s an easy way out when your client wants to “help” with the decision.

Hello Client,

Thank you for your questionI’m always happy to have a client who is passionate about the details of their wedding photography! My second photographers are primary photographers who run their own businesses, not assistant or student photographers. Therefore, I typically book them a little closer to the date of the wedding, when they can be certain they’re available.

While I don’t involve my clients in my choice of second photographer, I can tell you I have a group of skilled, experienced and accomplished photographers who work with me as second photographers, and over the years we’ve developed a very comfortable working relationship together.

I’m confident they are excellent representatives of my brand, and I know that you’ll be more than satisfied with my choice.

I’m truly looking forward to working with you both,



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