Organizing Your Digital Life: A new series at Pencil & Lens


It’s no secret that I love using technology to get ALL THE THINGS donethe way I see it, we have to do THE THINGS anyway, so why not use the technology of our time to make things easier, simpler, faster and less boring?

I could write about apps and technology and streamlining and automation on my photography blog, but I have a feeling that anyone reading this blog–most likely a photographer running their own business–will have a little more reason to enjoy and use some of the things I’ve discovered.

So off we go, a new and occasional series of blog posts on Organizing your Digital Life here at Pencil & Lens. Have a suggestion for an app, a website or a digital tool that you can’t live without? Get in touch and let me know all about it!

Organizing Your Digital Life: A new series at Pencil & Lens

The basics

1. 1Password

If you’re still using your dog’s name and your birthday for your passwords, writing passwords in your Notes app or on a sticky note next to your monitor, it’s TIME for 1Password. This handy app works on your computer via browser add-on, and asks your permission to capture the UN and PW of any new log in you create, or, you can even ask it to make YOU a new unbust-able password. It’s not like you need to remember it, you’ve saved it in 1Password. Then, next time you’re faced with an empty log-in page, click your 1Password tool bar, and it will automatically fill in your UN and PW, after you’ve entered your one, overall password. 1Password is also great for storing other important information that need encryption, like software keys, bank account info and your credit cards. Yes, you can save your credit cards into the “wallet” feature, and click a button to fill in the relevant info when you are shopping online. (Really.)

2. RescueTime

Want to know EXACTLY how much of your life you lose to answering email messages? Ask RescueTime! This app will tell you just how a week’s worth of computer time breaks down, from websites, including social media sites, editing, emails and more. RescueTime will tell you how many minutes (or hours!) were spent on Lightroom, Photoshop, Facebook and more…and will send you a handy report each week with the results, like it or not.

3. Leechblock

If you POSSIBLY find yourself spending too much time on one site or another during your workday (shocking, I know), you can police yourself with Leechblock, a web app that literally blocks your access to a site for a designated period of time. I use it to block out FB for most of the workday. Other than a quick peek in the morning and afternoon, FB is off limits to me , since I can get very sidetracked, even if I clicked over for a business purpose.

These are just a start, but looking forward to continuing the conversation. Can’t wait to hear what apps you can’t live without!

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  1. Taylor - Lights Camera Catwalk on January 20, 2016 at 2:38 pm

    Oh, I’ll have to download these!

    Xx Taylor

  2. Niki on January 20, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Ahh, these sound like wonderful tools that I need! I’ve been saying for WEEKS now that I need to get something to straight up block Facebook during the day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Audrey White on January 21, 2016 at 4:44 am

    Wow 1Password sounds like a tool I need to be using! Thanks for sharing!

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