Miss Communication: Anna Sawin

What does a former college admissions officer, communications director and magazine editor do for a second career? Become a photographer!

I spent more than a few years loving my work in communications for a New England boarding school, two colleges, a museum and a global pharmaceutical company. But when I realized one of the best parts of my job was working with photographers to illustrate the articles I'd written, I decided to put down my pencil and study photography.

I opened my photography business, Anna Sawin Photography, in 2008 and since then, I've photographed hundreds of families and dozens of weddings.

But all those years working as a media spokesperson and writing all those letters and speeches for CEOs? Well, they turned out to be a handier skill set than I could have imagined for a photographer!

Penning letters on a regular basis for my photographer friends and their sticky client situations told me there was a need for my first product, the Wedding Photographer's Inbox Solution. Adding those email templates to my own collection of photographer's marketing materials, workflows, questionnaires and client correspondence grew into the launch of Pencil & Lens.

I love being a photographer, but I will always adore working with words, too. With the founding of Pencil & Lens, I'm delighted to share these words, tools and templates with fellow photographers.

Have a suggestion for a future product or an email that needs an answer?

Just drop me a line and ask; I'd love to hear from you!