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What to say when your client communicates via text

This is a personal preference, obviously. Some photographers and other small business owners don’t mind informal texting or FB messaging with clients, and others prefer to keep all client messages in one location. I’m strongly in the “keep all client/vendor messages in one location” because I know myself, I will never remember where an important…

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When you want to ingest and cull in Photomechanic

I am long-time user of Photo Mechanic, made by Camera Bits, and if you are photographing, well, just about anything, I highly recommend using it to download, backup and cull your images. I’m not an affiliate of PM, and I don’t get any income from sharing this link, but I’m a huge believer in this…

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When all the things at Pencil & Lens go on sale

It’s happening! Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale: Friday, November 27-Monday, November 30 We’re having our first Black Friday sale at Pencil & Lens, and we couldn’t be more excited! Spend your holiday weekend just the way you want: over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house, on a line at midnight with your sleeping…

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