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When you need some help tracking all your editing jobs

It’s November, and for the majority of the world’s wedding and portrait photographers (YOU, if you’re reading this) are in that desperate battle of time. You’re probably still shooting events and sessions, but now you’re culling and editing around the clock as well, trying to get it all done for your clients and in time…

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What the scammers should really be writing to photographers when they text us to photograph their family reunion and pay by credit card

If you haven’t received it yet, you will—and maybe even 40 more times. You know, “I’d like to see what your availability is to photograph my family reunion some time next month, and, by the way, do you take credit cards?” It’s the photography world’s version of helping the Nigerian prince move his $10 million…

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What to say when your portrait client wants to know what to wear

Photo by Spiderstock/iStock / Getty Images What to Wear for your Family Portrait Session The best way to encourage families to choose interesting wardrobe options is to show them examples–perhaps a gallery on your website or a Pinterest page of your most successful family sessions? (They will likely aspire to become one of them!) But…

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