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When the client is upset with their images

You look MAHVELOUS! For photographers, one of the hardest possible messages to get from a client is…”I just don’t like the images.” As difficult as it is to hear, it’s a customer service scenario that needs prompt and courteous attention. Here’s a suggestion for how to handle it. Hi YOU, I’m so sorry to hear…

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Dear Miss Communication….

Before starting my photography business, I spent years as a communications professional, so writing letters and providing talking points is second nature to me. Because of this, I receive regular requests from photographer friends, usually starting with, “I cannot believe this client, what do I SAY to her?” From that, one of my dear friends…

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Sites You Need: Camel Camel Camel

Each month on the blog at Pencil & Lens, we research an interesting and useful website to support you and your photography business. Welcome to Sites You Need! As photographers, our shopping list often looks like something the Sultan of Brunei would endorse: A light, a battery and a handy back pack for $2195? Sure!…

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The five most commonly misused words by wedding photographers

Dear Miss Communication, Please answer this once and for all, is it isle or aisle? Love, Photographer Dear Photographer, As photographers, we write all the timeóprobably even more time than we’re taking photographs! We’re responsible for a whole lot of correspondence with clients, social media statuses, blog posts, website content, marketing materials and more, so…

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Sites You Need: WriteWords

  Each week on Sites You Need, we scour the Internet and deliver a useful website to our Pencil & Lens readers! This week we’re talking about one of my favorite tools for photographers and other small-business owners who do their own writing. You might just find it handy for your creative business! Try out…

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