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What to say when your portrait client wants to know what to wear

Photo by Spiderstock/iStock / Getty Images What to Wear for your Family Portrait Session The best way to encourage families to choose interesting wardrobe options is to show them examples–perhaps a gallery on your website or a Pinterest page of your most successful family sessions? (They will likely aspire to become one of them!) But…

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When the client is upset with their images

You look MAHVELOUS! For photographers, one of the hardest possible messages to get from a client is…”I just don’t like the images.” As difficult as it is to hear, it’s a customer service scenario that needs prompt and courteous attention. Here’s a suggestion for how to handle it. Hi YOU, I’m so sorry to hear…

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Dear Miss Communication….

Before starting my photography business, I spent years as a communications professional, so writing letters and providing talking points is second nature to me. Because of this, I receive regular requests from photographer friends, usually starting with, “I cannot believe this client, what do I SAY to her?” From that, one of my dear friends…

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