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Wedding Photography

What to say right after the wedding or portrait session so that you never hear, “Are the photos ready yet?” again!

Raise your hand if you’ve had a client ask, “Are the photos ready yet?” Then, raise your hand if you’ve wanted to raise a glass of wine (or something stronger) in the other hand when you get that often frustrating message! Photo by NeilJB/iStock / Getty Images Come a little closer—I have a secret weapon…

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What the scammers should really be writing to photographers when they text us to photograph their family reunion and pay by credit card

If you haven’t received it yet, you will—and maybe even 40 more times. You know, “I’d like to see what your availability is to photograph my family reunion some time next month, and, by the way, do you take credit cards?” It’s the photography world’s version of helping the Nigerian prince move his $10 million…

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When the client is upset with their images

You look MAHVELOUS! For photographers, one of the hardest possible messages to get from a client is…”I just don’t like the images.” As difficult as it is to hear, it’s a customer service scenario that needs prompt and courteous attention. Here’s a suggestion for how to handle it. Hi YOU, I’m so sorry to hear…

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