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When all the things at Pencil & Lens go on sale

By Pencil & Lens

It’s happening! Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale: Friday, November 27-Monday, November 30 We’re having our first Black Friday sale at Pencil & Lens, and we couldn’t be more excited! Spend your holiday weekend just the way you want: over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house, on a line at midnight with your sleeping…

When you need some help tracking all your editing jobs

By Pencil & Lens

It’s November, and for the majority of the world’s wedding and portrait photographers (YOU, if you’re reading this) are in that desperate battle of time. You’re probably still shooting events and sessions, but now you’re culling and editing around the clock as well, trying to get it all done for your clients and in time…

What to say right after the wedding or portrait session so that you never hear, “Are the photos ready yet?” again!

By Pencil & Lens

Raise your hand if you’ve had a client ask, “Are the photos ready yet?” Then, raise your hand if you’ve wanted to raise a glass of wine (or something stronger) in the other hand when you get that often frustrating message! Photo by NeilJB/iStock / Getty Images Come a little closerI have a secret weapon…

What the scammers should really be writing to photographers when they text us to photograph their family reunion and pay by credit card

By Pencil & Lens

If you haven’t received it yet, you willand maybe even 40 more times. You know, “I’d like to see what your availability is to photograph my family reunion some time next month, and, by the way, do you take credit cards?” It’s the photography world’s version of helping the Nigerian prince move his $10 million…

What to say when your portrait client wants to know what to wear

By Pencil & Lens

Photo by Spiderstock/iStock / Getty Images What to Wear for your Family Portrait Session The best way to encourage families to choose interesting wardrobe options is to show them examples–perhaps a gallery on your website or a Pinterest page of your most successful family sessions? (They will likely aspire to become one of them!) But…

What to say when your client wants to retouch or edit their own photos before you blog them

By Pencil & Lens

Dear Miss Communication, One of my clients is a skilled graphic artist and photographer. In the previews I posted on Instagram, she observed what she believes to be wrinkles around her eyes, and said to me, “I’d like to retouch those before you blog them or submit them for publication.” How do I nicely say…

What to say to promote your new photo booth services to your wedding clients?

By Pencil & Lens

  Photo by bagwold/iStock / Getty Images What should I say to promote my new photo booth to my already booked wedding clients? And should I send a mass email or personalized email messages? This question came up in a photography group online today, and the photographer asked how I would suggest wording a message…

What to say when a vendor is using your images without permission

By Pencil & Lens

It’s probably happened to all of us. An eager vendor wants to show off the photos from your fabulous wedding last month, and before you can even share the gallery, they’ve screen-shotted from your blog or from your Facebook page, and it looks terrible. Plus, you were always willing to share full resolution photos anyway,…

Midstate Camera Repair: The best thing to happen to photographers since the pinhole camera

By Pencil & Lens

It’s a Thursday morning, and you’re realizing that isn’t a flock of birds in the photos from last week’s beach session, that’s a dirty sensor and you have a triple-header wedding this weekend. What to do? Call my favorite camera repair and cleaning store, Midstate Camera Repair, in Warwick, RI! Plenty of photographers ship gear…

What to say when the client wants to know if there are more photos from the wedding!

By Pencil & Lens

Most of our clients revel in the hundreds of beautiful images we deliver after their weddings, and we get the responses that make our hearts sing, like: “We love them!” or “How will I ever narrow them down for the album!” But once in a while, your vision of a part of the day doesn’t…