What to say when your client communicates via text


This is a personal preference, obviously. Some photographers and other small business owners don’t mind informal texting or FB messaging with clients, and others prefer to keep all client messages in one location. I’m strongly in the “keep all client/vendor messages in one location” because I know myself, I will never remember where an important detail is when I need it.

If you have their email address, send this message to that account, and not to the FB message, or the text message.And if they slip up once you’ve established your preference with this message, reply to their email instead of their textthey’ll eventually get the picture.

Hello YOU,

Thanks for being so in touch during this booking process, it’s great to know what’s on your mind! I’m so glad we’ve connected on social media, it always helps me to feel thatI know my clients a little betterby the time their wedding comes around.

However, Iwant to keep all of our correspondence in one place so I don’t miss a single detail, so let me provide you with my studio email address (NAME@ YOURDOMAIN.COM). This will ensure that I don’t lose track of any important details leading up to your wedding!

And I’m glad you know where to text meplease keep that handy for the wedding day, in case we need to text that morning. Outside of the wedding day, I stay a lot more organized if I know everything comes to my studio email account, so I will plan onmanagingall our pre-wedding communication throughemail and phone calls.

Thank you for helping me stay on track!



Pencil & Lens

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  1. melanie on May 6, 2016 at 12:19 am

    This is a great response! I have a feeling I’ll be using it more than once this season. 🙂 Thank you for all the great templates and ideas. This is a great resource.

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