The On-Demand of Emails, the Instacart of Correspondence–You In?

So there I was, adding the broccoli and the Greek yogurt to my Instacart order, and wondering if we really needed the fudge ripple ice cream. (Spoiler–we got the ice cream.)

(I’m in week 10 of my Instacart membership, and if you use it, well, you know it just doesn’t get old. And if you want $10 off, I will HAPPILY provide my code!)
Instacard is amazing. You think about your dinner menu and the next few days of feeding humans in your house, you tap in your items and a real, live person with good cauliflower-picking judgement gets in their car and SHOPS for you.  WHAT 👏 A 👏 TIME 👏TO 👏 BE 👏 ALIVE!

While I waited for Dena to deliver, it occurred to me HOW MUCH RELIEF I got from the tiny but important luxury of outsourcing my grocery shopping.

With all the free time I reclaimed, I then thought about a way to bring the joy of Instacart to your creative businesses.

My Pencil & Lens peeps, I’m unveiling a pilot program. A program which is basically the On Demand of Emails, the Instacart of Correspondence.

What am I talking about?

Whatever you need. When you need it.

✅ A fresh look at your inquiry response email to fight the ghosting pre-clients? DONE.

✅ An emergency answer to the gut-sinking “I don’t really like my images email? DONE.

✅ A thoughtful letter (and follow-up phone script) to the M-O-B with an I-S-S-U-E? DONE.

 A DM template for brilliant and effective Instagram marketing with potential brides (my new favorite strategy!) DONE.

What do you get? A custom letter, written to solve whatever immediate or long-term marketing, workflow or customer service problem you are having, along with a strategy call to work through the problem is all yours. All in your voice, your tone and your style. You know, like you wrote it.

For 15 of my on-demand loving, good-correspondence needing business owners, I am going to welcome you into the as-yet-to-be-named bundle of custom emails pilot program.

The pilot will get you in on a year’s worth of custom emails and other goodies to boost your business, at the lowest imaginable “founders” price while I work out the flow of serving custom clients.  I don’t know for sure, but I bet this will be appealing to at least 15 of you! If you even think you’d like me to add your name to my list, email me here and I’ll reserve spots in order of replies. The bundles + goodies will range from $87 to $1287, so something for everyone!


Email me if you think this isn’t my craziest idea ever or if you want to claim a founder’s spot!


Pencil & Lens

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